Introduction to The Hite Reports

Why don't you come with me on a personal journey to rethink your personal life? This could be a good use of your time. The Hite Reports, my books, contain a new way of looking at sex and private life that could open many doors for you.
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Male Business Chiefs in Japan

Fearsome rather short men in tough-guy suits: TV's image of Japanese businessmen. Scandals about businessmen shamed by corruption scandals, men in business too close to the government for fair play, men, men, men.
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Rudolph Giuliani Mayor and CEO New York City

The most important corporation in New York City is New York City itself. New York City is the largest employer in the state of New York. Its chairman: Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
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The Vulgarization of Sex

Sex became more vulgarized in the 1960's when Playboy Magazine was all the rage.
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Shere Hite Wins Award

Sex and Politics, Peace and Love

Sex and the use of your body is a profound matter, for each of us personally, for others we come in contact with, and for the society; how we make choices matters.
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